Oh Snap

So. Blogging.

In my pursuit of doing more copywriting both professionally and in my daily life I have taken the bold first step by creating a blog. What topics will I write about? Who knows. Some will be work related, some will be about my personal life, some will be legit things I’ve learned and want to pass on. Most of it will be random nonsense only I, or my friends, can make sense of – and I’m ok with that.

The glory of blogging is that no one can tell me what to write. I use to keep journals when I was younger, it was the staple of Christmas and birthday presents. With working social media and going to school I feel that I’ve grown past the spiral notebook and into the new era. In a few months I will be moving – new job, new school, and living with The Boyfriend. Bum bum bum. This will help document some of the changes, and lord knows the frustration as well.

The Boyfriend, as he will be known from now on, wants to do a YouTube channel after I move in. I’m hoping this also gives me some experience I can use in the professional world – video and image editing, page promotion, etc. It goes with the social media territory.

I think I’ve done pretty well for the first post – not that I have standards for this kind of thing yet. I’ll get there.



Tell me what you think!

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