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Atlantia – Book review

Summary: In a post-apocalyptic world air pollution made society send selected people to a human-built underwater city to preserve humanity. After a few generations sirens developed, whose voices could influence people’s minds. Sirens are respected but mostly feared and get taken by the government so most hide their ability. If there are multiple siblings, one…

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Books I couldn’t finish

I’m one of those people that HATES to stop reading a book. I force myself through it, thinking it will get better, thinking I’m just not in the right mood- whatever it takes to finish it. Normally, the back cover gives me a good enough idea that I don’t get ‘bad books’ very often. Yesterday,…

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Fallen Series – Book review

Summary: a girl and an angel are in love but when they get emotionally close she dies and is reincarnated, never living past seventeen. The series goes through her discovering why this happens and potentially breaking the curse.   I recently finished this series over the past week. It’s an easy young adult read, but…

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