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Which way, which way?

I’ve started a new, kind of scary, chapter of my life. I uprooted and moved to Orlando to live with The Boyfriend. So far it just feels like an extended sleep over but I’m sure that will all change soon. The reason this is scary is because I have no job. I also missed the…

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Alright kiddies let talk some real personal shit now. Lets begin with the obvious: I have body issues. Everyone does. Being plus size, they tend to be stronger and easier to poke at than others, but we all have them. I recently came across this blog – This. Shit. Right. Here. Being bigger than the…

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Oh Snap

So. Blogging. In my pursuit of doing more copywriting both professionally and in my daily life I have taken the bold first step by creating a blog. What topics will I write about? Who knows. Some will be work related, some will be about my personal life, some will be legit things I’ve learned and…

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